Digital Talent Scholarship dan Digital Leadership Academy from Indonesia

The Ministry of Communication and Information has officially opened the Digital Talent Scholarship and Digital Leadership scholarship program Academy for this year, open to the public and free.

Digital Talent Scholarship and Digital Leadership Academy have been regular programs of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics for the past few years.

This year, the ministry opened a quota of 200,000 participants for technical training, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data and cyber security.

For this year, DTS consists of seven academies namely Vocational School Graduate Academy, Government Transformation Academy, Digital Entrepreneurship Academy, Professional Academy. Thematic Academy, Fresh Graduate Academy and Talent Scouting.

Meanwhile, the Digital Leadership Academy program is open to digital policy makers in both the government and private sectors. The Ministry of Communication and Information provide a quota of 550 seats for this year.

Like the previous program, this year's Digital Leadership Academy collaborates with eight foreign universities, some of them are Tsinghua University, Harvard Kennedy School, Oxford University and the National University of Singapore.

This scholarship program was created to print Indonesian digital talent because there is a gap between talent availability and need, both nationally and in the Asia Pacific region.

At the national level, The Ministry of Communication and Information found that at least 50 percent of talents have basic and intermediate digital skills. Digital talent those with advanced level abilities amounted to less than 1 percent.

In the Asia Pacific region, said Johnny, more than 50 percent of CEOs have difficulty recruiting digital talent with the right skills. Asia Pacific

It is estimated that there will be a deficit of around 47 million digital talent by 2030.

for further information check kominfo scholarship website

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