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Since the founding of Tohoku University, the emphasis has been on research and the motto of the university is "research first". This is based on the belief that top class researchers will be able to provide a high standard of education. We are a competitive, cutting-edge chemistry and materials science research facility. Our academic research contribution has been ranked 34th in chemistry and 22nd in materials science in the world. We put emphasis on creative research, which can open new fields and have a high social impact. With us you can learn chemical knowledge which you won't find in chemistry textbooks yet. Scientists at Tohoku University are involved in the development of new medicines to help fight cancer, new materials for renewable energy and other exciting research, which could improve quality of our lives. With the small class sizes, well equipped laboratories, and instructors who are world-recognized in their respective fields, Tohoku University is an ideal place to start and further your career in chemistry.

The three undergraduate degree coursesin English provide students with a solid foundation in their chosen area and exposure to cutting -edge research. what is that? 

Advanced Molecular Chemistry (AMC)

Chemistry is a science of atoms, molecules and materials. It is central to human life and continues to provide us new medicines, new materials, and new methods for investigating matter. Since chemistry is all around us, a background in chemistry will prepare you for variety of careers. Innovations in chemistry give rise to new advanced technologies, create new jobs, and improve our life. Society needs young people who have latest chemical knowledge and creativity. When considering a major area of study try to imagine life without chemistry. Your decision to study chemistry will have a great impact on quality of life for your generation and beyond.

In Japan, many chemical breakthroughs contributing to health and wealth have occurred. Since 2000, six Japanese scientists have been awarded Noble Prizes in Chemistry. Tohoku University graduate, Koichi Tanaka received a Noble Prize in 2002 for the development of methods for identification and structure analysis of biological macromolecules. These results reflect the high level of chemical research in Japan, which contributed to the development of society advanced by transforming power of chemistry. By studying in Japan, you will be able to learn the latest developments in chemistry.

International Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (IMAC-U)

is an international undergraduate course taught fully in English in Division of Mechanical Engineering in School of Engineering at Tohoku University. It is consist of more than 100 laboratories covering a wide range of study field from mechanical system design, aerospace engineering, robotics, nanotechnologies, fluid dynamics, thermal engineering, material engineering, biomedical engineering, information science. Students are provided in world-class educational and research environment to study mechanics engineering and foster an international awarness.

Tuition and Fees

Applied Marine Biology (AMB)

Basic Qualifications

- Have completed 12-years of education based on a non-Japanese education system by the time of enrollment in Tohoku University.
* For those who have completed 11-years of education, your eligibility will depend on your education history.

Academic Requirements

TOEFL iBT® 79+, TOEFL iBT® Home Edition 79+, or IELTS™ Academic 6.0+
Scores from the TOEFL ITP ® Plus for China will NOT be accepted.
・IELTS Indicator scores will NOT be accepted.

Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry (or Biology for AMB)
*Choose from SAT Subject Tests, GCE A-Levels, IB, ACT without Writing, AP, or other national standardized examinations.
*Although SAT Subject test is no longer offered, you may submit the past score.

* You may submit combination scores. (i.g. ACT science + IB mathematics)

The Application process is to be completed via the online application system, "The Admission Office (TAO)"

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