Scrintal Scholarship Programme

the Scrintal Scholarship Programme provide motivated undergraduate students with a financial aid opportunity, At Scrintal aimed motivating to give back to society The scholarship aims to support the students;

  • financially to ease the burden of tuition fees, study materials, living expenses and miscellaneous costs of being a student
  • academically by providing free access to Scrintal to ease creating a structure in the study process
  • Socially by giving exclusive access to Scrintal community.


  • Being an enrolled student at the undergraduate level (Bachelor’s level) during the 2021/2022 study period.
  • Students from all study fields, universities, colleges, and geographical locations are welcome to apply. Scrintal encompasses this broad eligibility criterion to promote equal opportunity for all students globally.


The Scrintal scholarship provides the following benefits;
  1. 250 USD financial aid
  2. 3-month Premium Trinka Membership (grammar and language correction tool for academic and technical writing)
  3. Premium usage of Scrintal’s product for the entire study period
  4. Access to the Scrintal webinars and community events on productivity and study techniques
  5. Continuous mentorship from the Scrintal team in career planning, entrepreneurship, and academic life.

Application Process

The application is carried out through the application form on this page >
By filling in the application form, you automatically join the Scrintal waitlist.

Selection Criteria

  • Passionate presentation of one’s study area
  • Creative and unique answer on innovation idea or dream solution in one’s study area
  • A solid plan on how to use the scholarship
When do the applications close?
The applications for this year close on December 25th 2022

when is the scholarship awarded?
January 25th 2023

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