How to Write a Scholarship Motivation Letter

 One of the scholarship application documents that is often requested is a letter of motivation or motivation letter. Quite a number of scholarships request this document request.

What exactly is a motivation letter? How big is the effect? A motivation letter can be interpreted as a personal statement that tells the conditions, interests, and motivations for the scholarship.

A motivation letter is similar to a personal statement. It’s just a different use. Letters of motivation are more requested for scholarship applications.

Meanwhile, a general personal statement is requested for application to the university. So the load will also be different.

However, a personal statement is sometimes requested by the scholarship program. This usually happens if the scholarship is awarded directly by the university instead of a third party.

The existence of this motivation letter has a very big influence on the jury in deciding who is entitled to receive the scholarship.

Through a letter of motivation, the jury will know applicants who are really serious about wanting a scholarship and who are just joining in. A motivation letter is an instrument to see someone receiving a scholarship.

If later you find a scholarship asking him to submit a letter of motivation and you are interested in applying. So prepare the application documents as well as possible.

Hopefully the following explanation can help how to write an effective scholarship motivation letter. It can also be applied if you want to write a personal statement.

who you are

When you start writing a motivational letter, in the first paragraph, you can briefly describe who you are.

Describe the actual conditions in the form of a description, so viewers who are not on the jury can understand whoever they are selecting. It doesn’t need to be long but clear.

Why you deserve a scholarship

This second point is quite important for the jury’s assessment. Why you deserve a scholarship and why you should.
Outline in a letter of motivation some of the reasons why you deserve the scholarship. What are your strengths, so that the jury should choose you as one of the scholarship recipients?

Of course, it’s not just self-defeating. Prioritize the scholarship they are applying for, what they are looking for.

For example, the scholarship is a research scholarship which requires the candidate to have research experience with several works that have been produced.

Those of you who meet these criteria, can include a lot in a letter of motivation that you are a person who is experienced in conducting research and producing several research works that are proud of in question.

Maybe you also need to observe the community or the environment.

Another reason you can add yourself to support the Jury. However, don’t run away from the criteria for the candidates they want.

Why need a Motivation Letter scholarship

There are several scholarship programs that require applicants to write a letter of motivation, one of which is the reason the applicant needs the scholarship.

Usually this is found in scholarships that are aid, especially those who are financially constrained or come from underprivileged families.

If indeed the scholarship asks you to ask for an explanation of why you need a scholarship, just state the actual conditions. For example, you are a victim of a natural disaster, a broken home, war, political policies, etc. that cause you to be unable to pay for all your study needs.

 Your interests and goals

Another thing you can get in a motivational letter is your interests and goals. Explain why you are so interested in the scholarships on offer.

What do you want to achieve. For example, there is an MBA scholarship offered by one of the institutions, because the scholarship is very similar to your job, you want to apply for it.

In your motivation letter, you can describe your career and work environment if you are successful in getting the scholarship.

Future plan

This last point is also important for you to download to produce a comprehensive motivation letter. Describe your future plans if you succeed in receiving the scholarship and what you will do when you finish your studies.

Plan your future like the vision that the scholarship provider wants to achieve. Then, it will further encourage the jury that they did not choose you wrong.

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