How to prepare scholarship requirement

Many high school/equivalent students are interested in getting undergraduate scholarships abroad, but do not really understand how to make it happen and do not understand How to prepare scholarship

Naturally, scholarships are indeed one of the dreams as well as challenges for most people, especially scholarships abroad.

Why is it called a challenge? Because, you have to fight as hard as possible to get a scholarship because you will compete with hundreds or even thousands of other students.

Even so, you don’t have to worry. The reason is, there are various ways you can do to make your dreams come true.

In this article, will provide several ways to get an undergraduate scholarship abroad.

To apply scholarship need specific requirement

Have Academic Achievement

Academic achievement is one of the important assets so that you can study with undergraduate scholarships abroad.

This is evident from several overseas undergraduate scholarship providers who make academic achievement one of the requirements.

Therefore, prepare yourself by having high academic achievements as early as possible. Especially, if you are currently still in the 1st grade of high school.

You can get academic achievement in two ways, namely always getting high grades in class or winning academic competitions such as participating in academic competitions, scrutiny, or even the Olympics.

Academic sponsorship

When you are still in high school, you may find various institutions providing scholarships for undergraduate degrees abroad, either from information from teachers, friends, parents, or you look for it yourself via the internet.

Launching from Goabroad, the best way to get an undergraduate scholarship abroad is to research all the scholarship providers you meet first.

Learn about the types of scholarships provided by the undergraduate scholarship providers.

As an illustration, scholarship institution A provides scholarships for certain majors, such as the department of Indonesian language and literature.

Then, scholarship institution B provides full scholarships for its participants, ranging from tuition fees, pocket money, to accommodation.

Well, you can research them one by one. Guess which one is right for you. This research material will make it easier for you to make a decision in applying for an undergraduate scholarship.


Contact the agency directly

After finding the right scholarship institution for you, now is the time to contact them directly.

“Indeed, may I contact the scholarship institution directly?”

Of course you can. Because scholarship institutions will also be happy to provide you with information regarding available scholarships.

In this digital era, maybe you can look at the website or social media first. If there is a contact that can be reached such as email, do not hesitate to email them.

By contacting him directly, you will get complete information, starting from the requirements, what documents to prepare, to the deadline for registration.

Prepare letters of recommendation

The next way to get an undergraduate scholarship abroad is to prepare a letter of recommendation.

Letters of recommendation are considered to play an important role in the scholarship process. Because, the letter contains that you deserve to get a scholarship from the institution that provides it.

Reporting from Dream Studies Abroad, try to ask your teacher, extracurricular coach, or guardian for a reference.

If you’ve asked for it, don’t forget to give a thank you, okay!

Learn a foreign language

If you want to study abroad, you automatically have to learn a foreign language, especially English.

In addition, usually in the scholarship selection process, you are required to attach documents such as TOEFL and IELTS scores.

Well, to prepare yourself, you can take a special tutoring program.

Learn how to do the TOEFL and IELTS well so that your score passes the requirements for applying for an undergraduate scholarship abroad.

The average score required to pass the scholarship selection is above 550 for TOEFL and above 6.5 for IELTS.

With this average value, you have a high probability of passing the scholarship selection.

Learn to make CV, motivation letter, and essay

If you want to pass an undergraduate scholarship abroad, you also have to understand how to make a CV and motivation letter.

These two elements are arguably one of the documents that must be prepared when applying for a scholarship.

In today’s era, you can easily learn to make a CV and motivation letter through examples on the internet or learn directly from the experts.

Apart from that, you also have to learn how to make a brilliant essay. Because, in some cases, there are also scholarship providers that ask for essays from participants.

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